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Deal With it (2013)

6min - Crime/Thriller - 16th October 2013


A young assassin is waiting in a hotel room for her target. When someone else turns up, things escalate.

  • Director: Miren Patel
  • Written By: Miren Patel
  • Producer: Miren Patel
  • Co-Producer: Richard Fowler
  • Cinematographer: Poom Saiyavath
  • Composer: Chris Brett
  • Main Cast: Danielle Hook, Garth Corlett Oates
  • Aizen Digital Roles: Full Production

Notes and Trivia

  • We made this film for the Colchester 48 Hour Film Challenge. This whole film was created from start to finish in 48 hours. We get given random rules at the start of the challenge which must be incorporated in the film.


# mralexstevens 2014-08-19 13:20
this looks pretty sweet now

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