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The Shot - A Magical Lens

The Shot - A Magical Lens (2012)

5min - Adventure/Comedy - 31st January 2012


A guy receives a lens which, when he takes a shot, he discovers it has magical abilities. He explores the method in the magic to adventure the world... and beyond!

  • Director: Miren Patel
  • Written By: Saied Samimi
  • Producer: Miren Patel
  • Cinematographer: Saied Samimi
  • Composer: Chris Brett
  • Main Cast: Miren Patel
  • Aizen Digital Roles: Full Production

Screenings and Awards

  • Jessops 'The Shot' Competition - 2nd Place
  • Official Selection Netherlands 'Zwart Zonder Zuiker' Film Festival
  • Nominated for Best Director at the 'Meters' Russian Film Festival
  • Winner of the Reel 13 Tumblr Month Short Film Contest
  • Aired on PBS Thirteen in NYC Tri-state area

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