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  • Slovenia Quest

    Slovenia is a beautiful country, a hidden gem. Not many people know of this place, but soon they will. Watch our film and see the natural beauty Slovenia has to offer.
  • Lycamobile Commercial

    We went and shot a zero budget commercial for Lycamobile to see what we could come up with. The idea had to sell across the no roaming charges and so we thought of a comical idea that involved being stranded on an island.
  • Neon Light Leaks Bundle

    The Neon light leaks bundle features FOURTEEN vibrant colourful light leaks that you can use for free on your projects! Simply use a screen overlay mode and see the colours radiate your videos with the power of a thousand angels, give or take 1 or 2 angels, we were extremely precise in designing this package, any more angels and we would've had to have added a price tag!

  • Free Corporate Soundtracks!

    We would like to celebrate the opening of the Aizen Digital website by giving you FREE STUFF. This is the first of many soundtrack packs that will be given to you, our visitors and loyal companions for free to use wherever and whenever you want.

    This first pack offers 5 professional corporate soundtracks that you can wow your clients with! :) Enjoy and come back!!
  • 48hr Film Challenge Entry: Deal With It

    Watch our entry for the Colchester 48Hour Film Challenge! We were challenged to make a film from start to finish in 48 hours, we are very happy with what the Aizen Digital team have produced.
  • 48hr Film Challenge Entry: The Loop

    Make a film from start to finish in 48 hours? Impossible? No. Watch our entry for the London Sci-Fi 48 Hour film challenge. Confusing at first, but it all makes sense in the end!
  • Short Film: Astronut!

    Check out our latest short film, Astronut! Martin has always wanted to go to space... see the stars... be the first on Mars... Find out how he does it.
  • Concept Movie Trailer: Gene

    Gene is a concept high impact VFX movie trailer. We have broken a few boundaries within After Effects which was used to create the entirety of this trailer! Watch it and be amazed.
  • Short film: Lilly

    Watch this film created by AizenDigital! Set in the near future, Lucas created an AI bot long ago and is trying to give it a consciousness and feelings. Transferring his memory as aid to the development, Sera starts to think it is someone else.
  • Short film: The Shot

    The Shot is our award winning short film about a guy finding a magical lens which leads him to... well you will find out!

    Check out what Director Paul W.S. Anderson had to say about this!!