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Our first After Effects tutorial!

We've created our first tutorial on camera fly throughs, a signature move used by me, Miren... I love helicopter shots, there pretty epic! I've spent quite some time perfecting them. This tutorial is quite long, I cover all the basic level knowledge and then I cover all the intermediate level. However if I was to cover the advance aspects of light wrap and other nifty things the tutorial would probably be 2 hours long! :|


Tell us what you think of the tutorial, pros and cons. There will be more to come so subscribe on YouTube!


Supernova remnant W49B

So, NASA discovered what could be the birth of a black hole. I won't go into detail talking about it because you can read it all here:


Supernova Remnant W49B (Image taken from NASA)


I love NASA and all things space related... so I- OH hey wait a second, how ironic I'm saying this and posting this now right after releasing a film called Astronut about someone going to space. Coincidental marketing, brilliant. Anyway, I really loved the image NASA released, and I found the different 'passes' that the image was formed with here:
It was made with various xrays and radio data to create each individual layer of the image. It looked pretty... so I wanted to create my own version of the image! I created individual compositions in After Effects for each layer of the image (Radio data, Xray, Chandra Xray & Optical View). Each composition is comprised of multiple layers of Trapcode Form. In total there are 59 layers of Trapcode Form!! Watch it below: